What are the Best Ways to Prevent Pest Infestation? Solved!

How can you prevent pest infestations? One of the most googled questions from the people dealing with pest issues. Well, it’s no surprise, considering there are 91,000 species of insects in America, and a lot of them are invading our homes.

Luckily, there are pest control services that get rid of infestations with methods that will prevent further infestations. But what if you haven’t had one but live in an area known for them? The good news is there are ways you can prevent them too.


Block Entry Points

Pests, like rodents, enter through the smallest entryways in your home. They’ll enter the walls, ruin your belongings, and chew on wires. They can cause fire hazards, not to mention these pests also carry diseases on their bodies.

Start with plugging all the holes and installing screens on windows that can be opened. Repair and seal any holes to prevent pests from making a nest. Pest control solutions will include this as well.




Moisture Control

Carpenter ants are common in areas like Michigan and can be just as problematic as termites. Termites damage 600,000 homes a year, and carpenter ants don’t fall far behind.

To best prevent an infestation of these ants is moisture control. The ants are attracted to moist wood and bore through it. Sealing, on the other hand, can prevent termites well.


Remove Any Food Lying Around

Most pests infest homes in search of food. Uncovered food will attract them even more. Make sure you’re not leaving any food lying around, and don’t leave it unsealed, so there are no food odors. Also, clean your pantry frequently so that no crumbs are lying around.


Dispose of Garbage Regularly

Just like exposed food attracts pests, overflowing garbage bins are also a hotspot for pest infestations. Make sure to clean out inside and outside garbage bins regularly.



Proper Storage Methods

A common reason people get pests is that they leave food and garbage lying around. Another common mistake is improper storage methods. Insects are attracted to food odors; this can easily be prevented if storage containers with tight seals are used that prevent any scents from escaping.


Clean Regularly

While you’re properly storing food, cleaning away crumbs, and dumping out the garbage, don’t forget to clean the rest of the home as well. This extends to the inside and the outside of your home. Clean your living space, your yard, and around the furniture, and trim any shrubs or trees you have.




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