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Benton Harbor, Michigan, has a mosquito problem. These mosquitos do more than just bite and leave us itching the spot for hours. They spread germs that carry parasites and viruses. In the continental US, mosquitoes are a known source of the West Nile Virus.

Often enough, you’ll deal with nuisance mosquitos, though. They don’t spread germs or make people sick. But they can become a problem after natural disasters and can affect recovery efforts. That’s why mosquito control is necessary regardless of their disease-spreading ability.

Better safe than sorry! Contact Kal Pest Solutions for mosquito control in Benton Harbor.

Complications of Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitos are small flying insects. That’s a fact. Another fact is that they can carry and transmit diseases. Mosquitos pose a considerable risk causing millions of deaths worldwide. They are known to cause some of the worst transferable diseases such as Malaria, the Zika Virus, etc.

Although they are common in developing countries and not so much in countries like the US, we can’t drop the ball. The US reports 2,000 cases of malaria a year. They can still contaminate food and surfaces.

Mosquitos Ruining Your Property? Contact Us Today!

Our experienced professionals are trained to inspect your home and property to find a quick solution for disposing of mosquitos.

No matter how nice your home or property is, if it’s infested with mosquitos, not only is your health in danger, but they’ll also ruin the complete vibe of your home.

Kal Pest Solutions offers mosquito control in Benton Harbor. See a mosquito infestation? Give us a call. We are certified, licensed, and insured as we use quality products in our services to get rid of mosquitos once and for all.

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