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At K.A.L Pest Solutions, we believe in providing prompt services to our customers in need.

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Affordable Pricing

Our mission is to provide people with affordable pest solutions without compromising on quality.

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Fair And Honest

We go above and beyond to provide customers with quality solutions. We’re fair and honest in our assessment and provide solutions accordingly.

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Kal Pest Solutions is the best pest control agency in Benton Harbor providing comprehensive pest solutions to commercial and residential customers since 1996. Our mission is to provide affordable pest solutions to everyone and even go above and beyond providing same-day services for emergency needs. With over two decades of experience, we are one of the best and most reliable service providers making us one of the top pest control companies in Benton Harbor. 


Tired Of The Recurring Pest Problems?

Get The Best Pest Solutions In Town


Comprehensive Solutions



We offer various services, including pest control, fleas, termites, and many more. You can rely on our experience and innovative methods to eliminate the growing pest problem in your commercial space or residential home. We are certified, licensed, and insured as we use quality products in our services, making us the leading pest control experts in Benton Harbor.

Bed Bugs

We offer quality bed bug removal at affordable prices. 


Termites can decimate your drywall and furniture. We provide comprehensive termite solutions and control services.


Roaches invading your home ? Don’t worry, Our expert roach removal services will ensure their complete extermination.

Spider Control

Tired of the growing cobwebs on your walls? Our spider control services will leave no stone unturned in removing them from your home.


What People Say


Joann Milligan
Joann Milligan
He is such a professional person! He is always on time, very reasonable, his affordable, and a very likable person. what I love the most is he always has his little dog along for the ride.
Derrick Weaver
Derrick Weaver
KAL is very respectful and kind did not treat you like you was nothing he is very down to Earth. Very honest and always on time. He always comes when I need him. I would suggest him to anyone
Ambi Williams
Ambi Williams
Always available friendly and on point
Brittany Wysinger
Brittany Wysinger

Quality Pest Control Solutions

For Commercial Enterprises And Residential Homes

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