The Importance of Pest Control Services in Summer

The US pest control industry has had a 2.8% growth in the past five years. This can be attributed to the increase in pests and heightened awareness of the benefits of pest control services.

Many homeowners seek pest control in winter when insects infest their homes, searching for shelters. However, pest control services are even more popular during summer.

Here are some reasons you’ll probably need them in the summertime.


Because of Temperature

Temperature significantly impacts pest behavior. During summer, when the temperature is at its peak, insects like ants go underground to escape the heat. Others look for shelters indoors.

This is why you’re likely to see a surge of insects at your property during summer. As soon as the temperature crosses a certain degree, pests are inclined to find shelter inside homes.


Because of Moisture

Water is essential for the survival of humans and pests alike. Many of these pests also tend to thrive in humid environments. This includes the moisture in the air.

When the weather is dry, insects search for damp areas to take shelter. These often end up being occupied homes.



Because of Food Sources

Just like water, food is necessary for the survival of pests. In the summer, vegetation grows in abundance, attracting pests to yards and gardens. From here, they make their way into your home.

Pests are more likely to find food options at your premises during summer. Your trash is their treasure.


Because of their Life Cycles

Insects have a life cycle that governs their reproduction and their activity level in different weathers. Some are cold-blooded and will be active in the summer months. Ants, especially, increase their colony size during this time to prepare for the colder weather where they’ll be dormant.


Because of Daylight

Longer days and shorter nights are characteristics of summer. That means more time for outdoor activities and not enough time to sleep for people. However, for pests, it means longer feeding times.

Summer pests are bothersome and capable of inflicting harmful bites. These bites are painful and can carry disease too. You can prevent pests from nesting in your home by removing food sources from the area, checking for breeding grounds, limiting vegetation, etc.



Efficient Pest Control Solutions

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