What are Some Common Pest Infestation Signs?

A pest infestation can turn into one of the biggest nightmares for homeowners. No matter what kind of pests you are dealing with, it is important to know pest infestation signs to get rid of them before they become a health hazard.

Additionally, pest infestation can also damage the structural integrity of your home and cause a lot of harm to your property. This is why it is important to be wary of the common signs of pest infestation. As soon as you feel something is wrong, you should call in a pest control expert to have a look.

If you don’t know about the common signs of pest infestation, read this blog to learn about them.


Property Damage

One of the first signs you might notice is damaged equipment or property within the pest-infested area. Whether a rodent eats your wires or bed bugs take over your bedroom, you will notice something is wrong almost immediately. Know that if you are witnessing such instances frequently around the house, it means a pest has taken over your home.

Additionally, they may work their way into food storage areas, attacking packed food like cans and boxes. This will increase food wastage, and lead to health related issues. Hence, the next time you notice torn food packages or chipped wires, it means you are dealing with pests.



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Foul Odor

Another common sign of pest infestation is foul odor. Whether it is coming from your kitchen, attic, or bedroom, you should know that it can be due to pest infestation. For instance, rodents are known to emit an ammonia scent, while cockroaches emit an oily or greasy smell.



If you find nests made by pests, it means there is a pest in your house. The evidence of nest creation may vary depending on the kind of pest you are dealing with. For example, insect nests are fairly easy to locate compared to rodent nests, as they often make their nests in hidden areas.


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