Still See Bugs After Pest Control? Learn Why Here

If you are surprised to see more bugs after pest control treatment in your home, we can help you wrap your head around what’s happening. At first, you might think that all your time, money, and hard work went down the drain, but this is because most homeowners are unaware that this is normal, and we will tell you why.

You might feel upset and wronged knowing that you paid pest control experts to get rid of the bugs, but you don’t need to be concerned. We have rounded up some reasons you might still see bugs in your home after pest control treatment. Keep reading this blog to learn more.


It Takes Time

Pests cannot disappear overnight. Like every other treatment, pest control also takes time to show its effect. Spraying chemicals does not mean a guaranteed kill. Most chemicals take up to 72 hours to show effect.

Therefore, if you see bugs crawling around immediately after the treatment, give it some time and be patient.


A close up photo of a dead roach


It Is Your First Treatment

If you have never had preventative pest control and it is your first time, this might be the reason you see bugs in your home. According to experts, it is common to see an increase in bugs and insects in your home after the first treatment. However, you will see things going back to normal a few days after the first treatment.


The Egg Cycle Was Not Caught in Time

Another reason you may see bugs after pest control is you missed the right time to kill the eggs. Pest control is a science, and bugs might respond differently depending on the time you spray them. For instance, you can get rid of the bugs, but the pesticides missed most of the eggs. Hence, even if the bugs are not there, the eggs might hatch and emerge as bugs.

Thus, breaking the egg life cycle is critical to eliminate pests and bugs.

Only experienced pest control experts know such details, like the ones at Kal Pest Solutions. We have years of industry experience and offer guaranteed satisfaction.

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