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A Guide to the Three Cs of Pest Control

The pest control process is a lengthy and extensive one, to say the least. Getting rid of pests is difficult, which is why pest control experts use various methods, techniques, tools, and chemicals.

The three Cs of pest control refer to control, contain, and clean. These three elements are vital for effective pest control. However, you are in the right place if you don’t know what these three Cs mean.

This blog will discuss the three Cs of pest control in detail. Keep reading to learn more.


The Three Cs of Pest Control

1. Control

Controlling pest infestation should be your priority. Instead of looking for ways to eliminate them, you first need to look for ways to control their population. This is because some pests, like rodents, multiply quickly in numbers.

Plus, control also means you should adopt some preventative measures to stop or control the infestation before it spreads to other parts of your property.

2. Contain

Next, you need to work on containing the pests. Once the control part is done, you need to focus on containing the pest infestation, meaning you need to stop it from spreading. If the pests have infested one area of your home, it will be easier to eliminate them. On the other hand, if the infestation is rampant, it won’t be easy to eliminate them.

A photo of a man in a PPE suit and safety glasses in a living space


3. Clean

The final step is cleaning. Once the infestation has been eliminated, and the process is over, you need to move on to cleaning and disinfecting the area. The germs left behind by the pests and the chemicals from pest control can be dangerous.

Thus, a comprehensive cleaning routine should be followed for optimal results.


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