5 Ways To Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home

Termites are more common than you think. Every year more than 600,000 homes in the US suffer major damage due to termites. They are tough to detect, and often, people only find they have termites once they’ve done considerable damage. You’ll also need professional help to remove them from your property because their colonies include thousands of termites.

You can always get termite treatment, but prevention is better than getting treatments done repeatedly.


Get Rid of Leaks

If there are leaks or decay in your home, they might lead to termites. Fix any decayed roofs and leaks in your home. Fix and seal these spaces and do frequent inspections to make sure they don’t form again. Check the basement and dark corners in your home. These spots are often ignored; the next thing you know, they’re infested with termites or other pests like spiders.


Take Care of Excess Moisture

Moisture attracts not only termites but also other pests. Even if you get termite control services and don’t take care of the excess moisture in your home, they’ll come back. If you live in a humid environment you can invest in a dehumidifier, and for the summer, turn the AC on a few times (for a short while) throughout the day to prevent excess moisture.




Avoid Cluttering Your Home

This is a necessary step to follow if you’re getting termite treatment and after too. Clutter can act as host spaces for termites and other pests. Pay close attention to papers, cardboard, newspapers, old clothes, etc. Pests can hide in such places. Also, avoid taking furniture that once had termite trouble into other parts of your house.


Use Borate For Wooden Items

Wooden furniture and floors are popular across the use. They are often primed and painted for a long-lasting finish. If you are painting or priming it, you should use borate. It’s a termite repellent and soaks into the wood once you spray it on. Do it before painting and priming so termites can’t attack and nibble on it.


Keep A Distance Between the Soil and the Wood

It’s common for people with gardens to have a pest problem as they can enter your home through the garden, and that’s true for termites as well. For this, you must maintain a distance between the garden soil and the wood. Have around an eighteen-inch difference between the soil and the wood. This will create a physical barrier for them.




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