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Who Should Pay for Pest Control: Landlords or Tenants?

Pest control is one of the most common disputes between landlords and tenants. This is mainly because they have trouble deciding who should be paying for pest control in a rental property; the one living in the home or the one who owns it?

Let’s find out.


Who Should Pay for Pest Control?

This is an old debate, with many arguing that landlords and tenants should share the responsibility. However, there are still many people who are confused about this issue. We all know that pest control is a vital necessity that you cannot neglect. So, what is the solution to this dilemma? Read on to learn more.


Pest Control: The Landlord’s Responsibility

If you own a property and your tenant is facing pest infestation issues, you will need to bear some, if not all, of the responsibility. After all, it is your property that is being affected. The tenant can easily leave the home and find a new one, but you will have a hard time finding and retaining tenants if you don’t solve the pest infestation issue.

The best way to deal with this issue is to embrace preventative pest control. Get the property sprayed before leasing it out to a tenant, and let them know that you are handing over a pest-free property to them.

Moreover, you should add a pest infestation clause in your lease agreement. However, bigger and more serious issues like termites are the responsibility of the landlord.


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Pest Control: Tenant Responsibility

As a tenant, you will be required to maintain a space that is free of pests, especially if the landlord handed you a pest-free home. This means you need to take all kinds of preventive measures and maintain a clean home to minimize the chances of pest infestation.

However, if you think there were pets in the home before you moved in, you should call your landlord.

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