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What is The Best Time of the Year to Get Pest Control Services?

The pest population increases with increasing temperatures. As soon as the cooler season is over, pests come out from dormancy and start breeding, which leads to an increase in pest infestations. You’ll likely see different types of pests invading your home in the early days of the spring season, which is when most people consider the option of getting pest control services.

There are several seasons you need to consider when deciding the best time for pest control, which will be discussed in this blog below.


What is The Best Time of the Year to Get Pest Control Services?

While there is no set rule, early spring is usually considered the best time to get pest control services for your residential or commercial space. Although you can get pest control during any time of the year, if you’re looking for the time it will be most effective, early spring is the ideal option for many reasons.


Why Is Early Spring The Best Time of the Year to Get Pest Control Services?

Most pest control experts recommended getting pest control service in early spring because that’s when the pest population is at its lowest. As mentioned above, pests start breeding as soon as temperatures rise. This means that in early spring, their population is quite small, and you can easily get rid of them before they multiply and spread to other areas of your home.

In addition, you can destroy their breeding grounds and nests, which further improves effectiveness and makes pest control much more effective.


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The Bottom Line

Even if you don’t see visible signs of pest infestation, you should get your home inspected every year during the early springtime to make sure there are no types of pests invading your home.


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