Roach vs. Ant Infestation: Which is More Harmful?

The presence of any form of unwanted pest is never a good sign. Infestations from ants and cockroaches are two of the most regular problems for households to face. Given the prevalence of these two types of invaders, you may be asking where they rank on a scale from bad to completely terrible.

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On that note, let’s take a detailed look into the infestation of these two critters, and see which is more harmful to the household.


Ant Infestation

There’s no denying the irritation caused by an ant infestation. There appear to be an infinite number of these itty-bitty critters, all of which can penetrate all areas of your house. Black ants, the most prevalent type of domestic ants, pose no health risk to humans or pets and don’t damage property.

Fire ants pose no threat to most animals, but they should be eliminated as quickly as possible if they’ve invaded your home. Carpenter ants are notorious for digging and excavating their way through your home’s wooden structure. For this reason, if you ever notice ants in your house, it’s best to identify the species in question to ensure everything is fine.


Cockroach Infestation

The presence of cockroaches is much more than a small inconvenience, especially if there is an infestation. In addition to making you feel like your home is dirty, cockroaches are notoriously challenging to get rid of.

The main risk they pose is allergies. Cockroach allergens may trigger asthma attacks in as many as 60 percent of people. Rashes, runny nose, watery eyes, as well as severe asthma attacks are the most common signs of an allergic reaction. If you or a family member have asthma, keeping these pests out of your home is all the more important.

The most effective method of protection against a cockroach infestation is to maintain a spotless home. Keep your home spotless at all times to stop cockroaches from moving in. Other than that, you should take the standard precautions you would with any insect to avoid an infestation. Fill up any openings or cracks around your house.


ant infestation


Both ant and roach infestations are unpleasant, but ant eradication is usually more simple. In most cases, contacting a pest control service for help is the best course of action when dealing with an infestation, such as Kal Pest Solutions.

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