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4 General Approaches Used For Insect Control

Insect management is a pivotal part of pest control, and there are several general approaches that pest control experts adopt to deal with it. It’s helpful to know all your options when you’re developing strategies to handle an insect outbreak.

While some are more effective than others, it all comes down to the place and extent of the outbreak, along with the kind of insect you’re dealing with. Some of the commonly used insect control approaches are outlined below.


1. Cultural Control

An insect needs certain things to survive and thrive. If you make the environment less favorable for them, you’ll likely prevent insect infestation. This is what happens during cultural control. You modify your garden or indoor area where there’s a risk of insect infestation, making the place uninhabitable for them.


2. Physical Controls

This approach keeps insects from physically reaching a host. Some tools used during this approach include a window screen, floating row covers, and plant collars. Some other kinds of traps or barriers that are commonly used are glue board traps and chemical traps.


3. Mechanical Control

This approach is used to instantly kill insects. This is a rapid and effective solution that’s mostly used for acute insect infestations. Homeowners are usually recommended to adopt this approach by pest control experts when the infestation is too widespread and can’t be suppressed.


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4. Biological Control

This approach involves the use of predators to control insect infestations. This means planting a beneficial organism that feeds on the insect that is infesting your home. This is a safe, organic, and ancient method of getting rid of unwanted pests in your home, including insects.

All in all, there are several options for insect management. The one you choose depends on your needs and the extent of the infestation. You can even ask your pest control agency to suggest the best approach for you.


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