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3 Things a Pest Needs to Survive

Like humans need food, shelter, and water to survive, pests also need certain things. Regardless of the kind of pest you are dealing with, there are some needs that all pests have in common. Most pests are short-lived and don’t have a lot of physical requirements. One of the main reasons your house has been a target of pest infestation is that you are unknowingly offering them what they need to survive.

If you’re wondering how pests survive, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will list some things a pest needs to survive, according to pest control experts. Keep reading to explore more.



This is the basic requirement for any pest. They need to protect themselves against external elements, which is why they search for shelter and sometimes find it inside your home. For instance, insects are cold-blooded and need to protect themselves against heat and sunlight. Likewise, rodents like to breed in dark and damp places, like an attic or crawl space.

Therefore, if you want to keep pests out of your home, you need to eliminate any possible shelters your home might be providing them.



This goes without saying, but every living thing needs food to survive, and so do pests. Whether it is leftovers in your kitchen or your blood, pests will settle in a place they get access to food, such as near your trash bin or in your yard.


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Finally, pests thrive in moisture. It is important to most pests, like insects, for breeding purposes. Similarly, mosquitos also lay their eggs in damp places. Thus, it is vital to keep your home dry and ventilated, which will ensure pests are not attracted to it. If there is excessive moisture, it will surely invite pests into your home.


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